Thursday, October 2, 2008

Boots it Like Beckham

When I packed to travel here, I assembled the bare minimum of clothes and gear. It was still too much, so I cropped it down further. I tipped everything out of my toilet kit and, in the cull, I took out my aftershave. I wish I hadn't.

Now that I'm getting settled a bit, I went to the chemist to get a new bottle of aftershave. The biggest UK chemist's chain is called "Boots", which I really like because "Boots the Chemist" sounds so small-town-England to me. Maybe it's because I spent the majority of my youth reading Tintin books, which featured repeated mistaken phone calls to "Cutts the Butcher".

Anyway, I went to Boots to get some aftershave. Going in, I had thought that I would get the best bottle that was 3 pounds or less. Fat chance. The majority were around 40 pounds. The cheapest bottle (at 10 pounds) was David Beckham's signature smell. Not only am I not willing to pay 10 pounds to smell like Becks - I suspect I would pay 10 pounds to wash his scent off me.

I'm getting better at not converting every cost into NZ dollars, but that is just ridiculous. So for now my new scent will have to be "Soap" by Knights Castile. Ooo, exotic.

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Anonymous said...

Hunt out the local market James...some scalper will be flogging pirated essences! Most of it smells like cat pee, but I found a close cousin to Dakar for a fiver.