Sunday, October 26, 2008

One step forward, 3 steps back

Yesterday (Saturday) I went and had a look at "the Backs". I assume the name comes from the fact that it is the area behind the old colleges. It's the part of the river with lots of punts and pretty bridges. The tourists are concentrated there. I think the Bridge of Sighs is somewhere there, but I haven't found it yet. I also haven't worked out which is the Mathematical Bridge. I''ve got some research to do.

It's a very pretty area. I had said that I haven't seen anyone in college robes, but yesterday they were everywhere. It must've been graduation day.

I went to the Archaeology Museum. Not bad. It's pretty small, but they do have some really old items.

While roaming the streets after that, I saw three New Zealanders. Let's see:
  • Blue jeans and All Blacks jerseys? Check
  • Each one clutching a can of beer? Check
Come on guys. Some of us are trying to undo the stereotypes. You are walking anachronisms.


Karina said...

Howdy- Nice blog, how is the flying going!!! This is excellent to keep us updated on your overseas ventures! (I hope you got your paycheck , just read your post about the moaning cuz no money :-)!!!)

So, are you coming for Xmas? or would you have a European like Xmas? I want to go visit, but I have no holidays left! And the x-rate is going nuts at the moment, so would be a bit pricy to buy a ticket right now!!!

Greeting from Hamish, Karina and Pepa!!!

James said...

I'll be having a European Xmas - specifically, a Belgian Xmas. I just booked my ticket today. I'm pretty excited about it. I've never been to Belgium.

I went and got a British credit card last week. I had been paying for things with my NZ card, but the exchange rate was killing me.