Saturday, February 7, 2009

S'no Good

I'm well aware that this post comes heavily infused with hypocrisy. Firstly, a while back I posted a criticism of B&W photography. Today's photos are nearly all B&W. What can I say? The snow lends itself to dithering. Secondly, earlier this week I sent a message to a former colleague saying that the snow isn't that bad, and that the English just like to have something to moan about. I'd like to revise that response, please. The snow isn't deep, but after 6 days of it, damn I'm cold. It's fricken' freezing in here, Mr Bigglesworth.

Incidentally, the next person who emails me to gleefully tell me that it's 34C in Christchurch at the moment may find me on their doorstep, punching them in the nose. With a couple of brief exceptions, I've been pretty much in Winter for 10 months now. This isn't easy, people.

Anyway, in the previous post, I mentioned that I hoped to get into town at the weekend to get some photos. I did indeed spend this morning roaming Cambridge taking snaps and if these shots don't make you feel cold, even at 34C, I'll be pretty surprised. You've seen some of these scenes before, only warmer.

Old school bike and snow-covered punts

More snow-covered punts

Light reflecting off the Cam

Did you notice that this one isn't actually B&W? If you look closely, you can see a guy in a red jacket. Wow, this is like the "Schindler's List" of travel blogs.

A smoking chimney

Church of Great St Mary

A mud puddle with broken ice

Shortly after I took this shot, I slipped on the ice. Actually, it was probably the 30th time that I'd slipped on the ice, but this time I went down hard. A little tip here - if you shout "FUCK!" at the top of your lungs, it will ensure the maximum number of people turn around to see you looking like an idiot. The doctor says I may've fractured my dignity.

Two geese chilling out

A snow crocodile

The Henry the 8th Gate

Strolling on Jesus Green

Snowy houses

Jesus Ditch, frozen

There are birds here, like small Pukekos. They were running around on the ice on the ditch, so it wasn't thin.

King's College

King's College again

Magdaleine Bridge

Park bench in the snow and ice

Several shots of swans on the Cam

Hopefully, you're all feeling as cold and fed up as I am now. However, if there hasn't been quite enough pathos yet, how about a kid's kite stuck in a tree?

Leeds trip to follow some time soon. Bye.

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