Sunday, September 6, 2009

I've Been Drinking

Having been here over a year now, I'm getting nostalgic.

Take drinks for instance: I've had Sissi, and Fristi, and quite a few Swedish pear ciders (Kopparberg - that's good stuff). I've had a cookie-dough flavoured bottle of milk, that I won't be revisiting except in my nightmares or if I burp really deeply. I had a sauvignon blanc from a small antipodean country in the South Pacific that was revolting. I've had Orangina and Dr Pepper, both of which I think could do well in NZ. In the Netherlands, I drank a 2L bottle of some luridly green monstrosity called "Green Punch". I've had more than my share of Lipton's Iced Tea. The iced tea and peach one is better than it sounds. In Italy, I had a thimble-full of Lemoncello, that turned out to be far more than I wanted. In Ireland, I had Jameson whisky and cranberry juice.

I've been to Cambridge's milkshake shop, proudly boasting 160 flavours of milkshake, where I had the following conversation:

Me: Hi. Can I have an orange milkshake, please?
Her: We don't do orange.
Me: Okay, I'll have a lime one.
Her: We don't do that either.

It was Monty Python's "Cheese Shop" sketch, brought to life.

But this one rates as possibly the oddest: For your vicarious pleasure, I present "Sonda Frutti Carrotti", which as you can see is a blend of carrots and apricot juice.

I was bored, and it was for sale at my local co-op. It's probably Polish. Apparently, in Poland they assume that foods go together if they're similar colours. I look forward to their upcoming strawberry and pig's blood juice.

The first mouthful was great: It was all apricot. The second mouthful was extensively carroty. The third mouthful was back to apricot. I don't think I want to go back for the 4th.

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