Sunday, November 22, 2009

Musical Cheers

Mostly, even with CDs that I love, I'll eventually get sick of them. In high school, I don't know how many time I listened to the "Best of Blondie" album, but it's probably a ridiculous number. The same goes for "Jagged Little Pill" a few years later. But it's pretty rare that I would listen to either of those today.

A couple of years back, my cousin made me a CD with some of her favourite songs. It ranged from well known artists to ones I'd never heard of. And I still have that CD on fairly high rotation - it's just great. This week, I saw my third artist off that disc since I arrived in England: Dar Williams.

Dar's the one that isn't a bald man

She played a small club in Soho called "the Borderline", that was. It was only by chance that I spotted the concert and ordered a ticket 4 months ago. It was a long wait. She was fun live, and told some hilarious stories.

If you want to hear a catchy song from a singer that you've probably never heard before, check out "Are you Out There" at I don't think it's Firefox friendly.

Here's to you, F. I imagine it's been a tough year for you and M. Thinking of you.

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Cousin M said...

Hi James,

Thanks for your thoughts. F's always had the knack of pulling together a winning compilation, eh. Hope you keep writing - your blog's been one of those things that's brought a little light this year.

xo, M.