Saturday, December 19, 2009

Venice at Night

The Rialto Bridge:

The Bridge of Sighs. So named because when prisoners were taken to see what the dilweed Italians had done to the bridge, they sighed.

The Campanile (tower) in St Mark's Square. According to Jan Morris, it was begun in 912, and in the 15th century misbehaving clerics were hung in cages on the side of it, sometimes until they starved. Emperor Frederick III once rode his horse up it, and Galileo used the platform near the top to demonstrate his newly invented telescope to the Doge.

Goethe visited it. Wait, didn't he beat me to that salt mine in Poland as well? Bastard, he's always one step ahead!

The Basilica in St Mark's Square. The 4 horses that you can just see above the main arch are replicas (the originals that stood there are in a nearby museum). They were captured from Constantinople during the fourth crusade.

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Anonymous said...

What great lighting of buildings. What fabulous night-time pictures! Congratulations. Gus.