Sunday, April 25, 2010

Food Interlude

My new year's resolution this year was, while in Thailand, to eat my body weight in Thai food in 10 days. Who says resolutions have to be noble and self-improving? I gave it a pretty good stab, but unfortunately, as I binged, my body weight ballooned accordingly, like the carrot before the mule. And even though I ate that metaphorical carrot, and the metaphorical mule, the end point was always that one unachievable step ahead of me.

But, although I failed, I did manage to disgrace myself at pretty much every meal. Here are some Thai food highlights.


Bamboo worms:

Bamboo worms taste just like chicken. If said chicken was riddled with giant maggots.

Actually, they're pretty similar to pork crackling.

Fried quails' eggs:

Omlette with ant's eggs:

Sticky rice with mango in a bamboo tube, or wrapped in banana leaves:

Some of these may seem a little out there, but let me tell you, I didn't have a single meal that wasn't delicious.

Thought for the day: There's a reason "Thai food" and "typhoon" sound so similar. They're both an unstoppable, devastating force accompanied by strong wind.


Grant and Jo said...

...and both require a lot of "cleaning up" after the wind has died down (sorry I had to....)

Lovin the blog Jim - great photos!

James said...

Dude, you're lowering the tone of the blog, and... Wait, I just checked and the tone was already low. As you were.