Monday, July 5, 2010

New Year's Eve

Okay, so it's halfway through the year and I still haven't posted this. I'm going to hide it in amongst the Scotland stuff, and hope no-one notices it.

If you recall, I spent Xmas in Thailand. I went to this swanky expat party for new years eve. I'm sitting there, getting quietly drunk on wine someone else paid for, which turns out to be the best sort. I've probably got duck confit on my face, but none on my shirt, so it's about the best behaviour you could expect from me.

Anyway, at one of the other tables I hear a loud voice shout "Where? Where is this straight man?", and before I could unblur my vision I was being dragged forward to pose for photos as the token heterosexual. I am so sick of being singled out because of my sexuality.

It's lucky I had that yellow hat on, or I might've looked quite the fool.


Anonymous said...

OOO eerr! Glad to see that Scotland came thru on the pleasure stakes :0).


G and J said...

Brilliant ! And nice to see the wine glass control wasn't affected there either Jim :-)