Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Entrenched in Trenčín

I jumped a train from Bratislava, and headed east across Slovakia to a town called Trenčín. I picked it because it had a cool-looking castle on a hill above the town.

No, it's bigger than that

Getting closer, keep zooming out

There it is: Trencin Castle

Now, which nobleman would own such as majestic castle, you ask? Let's take a look at the royal portrait:

Jeepers. The tragedy of royal inbreeding in Europe was that by the time the full effects were apparent to everyone else, the rulers were so far gone that they couldn't understand what was wrong. And if they were willing to pay money for portraits like that one, I guess the populace could see an upside.

The town itself was also pretty. They were in the middle of a folk festival, and people in costumes were performing traditional Slovakian dances. The traditional Slovakian chicken/rooster dance was highly reminiscent of a Chilean chicken/rooster dance that I once saw. The problem with pretending to be a rooster dancing, is that whether or not your portrayal is successful, you end up looking like a cock.

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