Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paris: Sunday, Muddy Sunday

By the Sunday, I was sloshing about the city. I didn't have anything specific to do while I was waiting for my train, so I just wandered the streets and took some more photos.

Paris: An Umbrella-eye View

The Tuileries Garden

I went to the Louvre, thinking that no one would be out and about on a day like that. Check out the queue.

So, that's Paris in about 48 hours. With the Eurostar, it's so quick and easy, and not very expensive if you book the tickets in advance.

I do want to make one other comment about the trip. I've really liked most of the French people I've met, but I had some French flatmates here in Cambridge who were the 2 most reprehensible, sub-human specimens I've ever met. I would prefer to share a flat with Jeffrey Dahmer. So my opinion of the French could've gone either way at this point.

The people of Paris have a reputation for rudeness, even amongst the other French. But on this trip they were great. People gave us directions, the serving people were nice, no problems. I don't know if it was because it was outside the tourist season, or because we were speaking French, but for some reason they were behaving themselves admirably. Well played, Paris.

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