Sunday, May 22, 2011

Romantic Road (VI): What's a Donauworth?

On the way to Donauworth, disaster. I went over a bump and found my back tire again running along on the metal rim. This time, something had slashed right through my metal belted tire and the tube.

Is that Daylight?

I replaced the tube, but my only solution for the tire itself was to use an old emergency technique and duct tape a piece of cardboard into the inside of the tire and continue. Every bump I went over had me holding my breath, but it held for 50kms to the next bike shop.

I hope the Cambridge Thai restaurant still accepts their loyalty card.

The camping ground was 10 kms out of Donauworth, but I caught a train into town and wandered around the centre of the town at dusk.

The Town Glockenspiel

That night it poured down with rain.

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