Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shake-down Ride: Mildenhall

I have some new touring gear, so to test it I did a ride out to Mildenhall in Suffolk. I stayed in a camp ground out there that I've stayed in before. It's a very peaceful place, if you ignore the fact that it's located at the end of the runway at an American air base.

I think they're aware of it; check out the sign for the camping ground:

You'll no doubt be surprised to learn that a thin nylon tent does not do much to muffle the sound of a US military cargo plane 20 feet above your head.

I went to the local pub for a meal. The waiter wandered around with my meal, before asking me: "Are you the guy with the American accent who ordered a chicken salad?" I've never been so insulted in my life.

In Suffolk they do a very nice cider made out of strawberries and pears.

The bike held up well, so I was ready for my Germany trip.

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G and J said...

American accent indeed!!! As if an American would order a salad !