Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Romantic Road: Summary

My Romantic Road posts start back here.

From Wurzburg, I caught the train back to Munich and flew back to England. I had some hassles with the berks at the hotel in Munich, but it all worked out.

Damn that was a fun ride. The best I've ever done? Probably.

The route is supposed to be 420 kms long, but with my propensity for getting lost I had done 550kms by the time I reached Wurzburg. If I was doing the trip again, I would take a few extra days, so I could do more sightseeing. The part of the ride near Fussen is quite hilly, and it's easy to over-estimate how much ground you can cover in a day.

Considering it is the most popular long-distance ride in Germany, I hardly saw any other touring cyclists. I was told that was because it was so early in the season. I was very lucky with the weather.

The locals were universally kind. Their food is very meat-based, but that works okay when cycling all day.

Great trip.

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