Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kerepesi Cemetery

The big cemetery in Budapest is called Kerepesi. It is the burial place of many notable Hungarians, none of whom you have ever heard of.

It's interesting - it starts off with big wide avenues, but as you move away from the entrance, it gets more tangled and overgrown. It's like it's half Pere Lachaise and half Highgate.

Let the record show that when I eventually kick off, I want a massive statue of me looking all roided out, holding a bastard sword and with angels sobbing. That seems pretty bad-arse.

At about 150 years, it's not exactly ancient but the statuary is pretty impressive and covers a range of styles. My lasting impression of it will be of pouring rain, which certainly thins out the crowds. When I was there, it was dead quiet.

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