Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Starting to Get Hungary

Do you remember when I went to Bratislava because I'm too dumb to get to Budapest? Well, in December I made it to Budapest. I must be getting smarter.

It was freezing cold when I was there, and for nearly the whole trip, the city was shrouded in fog. That means it's totally not my fault that my photos are rubbish.

The first evening, I went to a restaurant for a feed of goulash. Most of the tables were empty and there was a gypsy band playing classical music in the corner. I made the mistake of applauding them while everyone else ignored them. They then focused all their attention on me for the rest of the evening. I ended up buying a CD of their gypsy music. When I got back to my room I converted the forints to pounds and realised I've paid less for a car than I did for that CD.

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