Sunday, February 17, 2013

Black Forest (V): Freiburg and Titisee

Freiburg is another old town, at about 1000 years. It was damaged in the war, but has been rebuilt based on old plans.

Freiburg has a series of gutters that run through the streets, called B├Ąchle. God knows how many broken ankles they have caused. As for cycling in Freiburg, good luck.

We read a recommendation to ride the cable car at Freiburg. It went a small distance up a hill and there was nothing interesting at the top. We were thoroughly underwhelmed. We later found out that there's a proper cable car nearby that's the longest in Germany and climbs to the top of a mountain. It was closed for repairs when we were there.

Pretty Crap

Here is one of the old town gates. Look closely, you will shout out loud in anger:

The close-up:

From Freiburg, we caught the train to Lake Titisee. What are the odds that I'll do a joke about that name before the end of the post? *

Titisee was the only place where we saw snow, and a little bit fell while we were there.

More Black Forest cake and strudel:

A poster for the museum at Titisee?

* Pretty high.

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